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NOTE: The "Sporn Halter" I'm always talking about....(Link)

NOTE: Do not give PORK bones. Please.

NOTE: Your dog WILL NOT STARVE when you feed dry dog food offered dry.

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No Puppy Food:

Puppy food is fine, go ahead. But, sooner than later it causes diarrhea in the 6-7 month old as it stops growing, and it can also 'push' growth in large breed dogs and cause joint problems. We thought all those were "hereditary" and then it was figured out: Mostly nutritional.

A hundred years ago, when we fed cows, chickens and pigs "we" wanted the FASTEST growth we could get.
When "they" invented "puppy" food - they applied the same mentality. "Push Growth!"

Except it caused diarrhea, and rapid growth, and then joint deformities.
Don't feel like you need to feed puppy food. Feed the same brand and quality, except make it the 'adult' formula.
Puppy food (especially at and after 6 months of age - is too rich. It's like eating cinnabons for every meal. A zillion calories and wayyyyyy too much energy. (Calories) and it sets up diarrhea.

Skip this one: Dr. Mardy just released: "Dr Mardy's Orphan's-Tears and Ostritch Breast Diet enriched with micronized-patented 'Washed-Up-Vet-Dr.Mardy's-Golden-Aura-Himalayan-Crystals (pink salt) and eagle-feather dream-catchers." (Read: poultry by-product (feather) meal).

Here's a list of very decent NON-boutique foods you can get anywhere.

This is one of the foods I like the best for my own dog Ajax.
It combines a good price, home-delivery, a healthy formulation with moderate taste and calories and delivers a good clean poop. Careful though: The bags look similar even though pellet size and age-to-feed differs. You could end up with a bag of large bites for your Yorkie.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Turkey and Brown Rice.

Something else I found for my dog "Ajax" that's cool:

Sporn Dog Halter STOPS "pulling and tugging" NOW. (Link)

This is what I use now, with my dog Ajax. I used to use the Gentle Leader, but I didn't like including his face in the thing. Now, this just goes around his chest and he DOES NOT PULL ANY MORE. It's great! Amazon.com has it.

You can buy a fat bundle of 'wet wipes' with Cetaphil and I'd recommend it. They're great for cleaning healing wounds, dirty ears, cleansing around some eyes, under-tails, surgery sites, sores.

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