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NOTE: The "Sporn Halter" I'm always talking about....(Link)

NOTE: Do not give PORK bones. Please.

NOTE: Your dog WILL NOT STARVE when you feed dry dog food offered dry.

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EXPLAINERS (Not articles)

None of these resources are intended to advise or shape the treatment plan of any individual or individuals who are NOT 'face-to-face' customers of Dr Erik Johnson's because THAT would be stupid. If he's not your Vet then you can't call for clarification or even know whether the information APPLIES to your pet. You could be treating heart failure with Robitussin and then wouldn't YOU feel like an ass?

These are images (Not articles) which I send to my clients with illustrations and the most highlight of facts related to a diagnosis. Some of the explainers just illustrate a 'feature' or context. Here they are:


Why Big Old Dogs Finally Die and How You Can Delay it Three Years or More

Dog Arthritis: It's Not Just Bones, There Is So Much To Understand

Why Your Dogs Hind Legs are 'Going Out" and What You Can Do

Airway - Air Quality

The concept of "Ground Level Micropollution" illustrated to educate on ATOPY.

Collapsing Trachea Explained (Illustrated)

What's the Anatomy of Collapsing Trachea? Tracheal anatomy in collapse.

Laryngeal Hemiplegia "Roarer's" illustrated. What structures are involved?


This is an 'artists's conceptualization of how Atopic irritants appear in the world. Like a cloud or stain that the dogs are "in" all the time.


Luxating Patella illustrated. What is going on in there, exactly?

Un-United Anconeal or Un-United Coronoid Process illustrated in the elbow of a dog.

Collapsing Trachea Explained (Illustrated)

Anal Glands: Everything To Know On One Page (Illustrated)

Infantile Vulva and a surgical cure

Pancreatitis: Illustrated Explainer

This is a schematic of AURAL HEMATOMA

Basic "Vertebrae" and "Intervertebral Disc" physiology in the crudest of terms, explained and illustrated.

What's the Anatomy of Collapsing Trachea? Tracheal anatomy in collapse.

The concept of a "ruptured" keratin cyst illustrated.

Ripped Nail: A Crash Course OverView

Medial Collateral Ligament Hypertrophy, Where?

"My Dog Has a Giant Fluid Cyst On It's Elbow!" Hygroma (Illustrated)

Entropion or inverted eyelid illustrated.

Laryngeal Hemiplegia "Roarer's" illustrated. What structures are involved?

Tie-back proocedure for laryngeal hemiplegia. It's just okay for management of the condition but there are better solutions.

Lipfold Pyoderma illustrated

Lipomas, "fatty lumps" What they are and how they are

Bariatrics / Weight

Feeding Chart of How Much To Feed Based on Desired Weight and Snacking

Fat Dogs: Why "Dry Food Served Dry" Is So Important

This attempts to explain how compression of the small and large intestine make it less healthy, more likely to get inflamed and suffer diminshed blood flow.

Fat Dogs That Won't Eat Dry Food Without Something On It: It's GREAT

A Super Low Carb Diet of Eggs and Vegetables For Weight Loss Explained

This is an attempt to illustrate how fat around the lungs and heart can compress and impinge things.

How Leptin Kills Appetite and WHY IT DOES THIS

This is a second-attempt to illustrate fat around the heart that shrinks the lung-fields.

Dental Conditions / Management / Exercise

NEW: A Ribeye Bones (beef only) is potentially useful for small breed dogs.

If a Knucklebone is going to fail, this is how it fails. You can choose to give the two resultant pieces, or discard the bone.

Raw Beef Bones: The Bones Document (Illustrated)

"Your Dog Needs a Dental Scaling" (It's Worst than A Beef Bone Can Fix)

Brushing dog's teeth is easier than you think. It's really mostly "gum massage" and removing slime.

What's a Slab Fracture of a Tooth and Is It a Big Deal?

Different kinds and stages of dental tartar accumulation

Dermatology Skin

Moist Excema / Hotspots What You Should Know

This brush is amazing because it is self cleaning.

Good People Shampoos That Are Good For Dogs Too

Wash Cloths: A Dermatological Miracle? Illustrated

Lipfold Pyoderma illustrated

The best brush to scrub your dog.

Endocrinology Organs

NEW: Feline Hyperthyroidism and It's Treatment

How Leptin Kills Appetite and WHY IT DOES THIS

"How To" Illustrations (Tech)

NEW: How to prep a marrow or soup bone for dogs

NEW: Distraction technique to make Baths or Ear Treatments Easier

How I give Ajax a Deep Clean with a good bath brush. (Buy the Bath brush)

How to belly band an incontinent male dog or protect a belly lesion on a dog with a towel and some duct tape.

How do you SOAK a dog or cat's foot? They don't have to stand in a pan of hot water.

Emergency Primer on Managing Wounds Til Monday

How to make a pill into a semi-palatable liquid and get it into a cat's mouth. Works for dogs too. (Second version of same illustration)

How to Make NeoSporin x Cortizone10 mixtures. (And the article)

This is putting a sock on the forefoot and then using a sock-sling to keep the inner sock ON.

One Way To Soak A Foot IN Warm Water or Epsom

This is how to make a bandage at home using gauze, neosporin and Elastikon. Note the pad is at the END of the bandage.

This is how to tape a dog's ear with duct tape until it can be seen by a vet. Note carefully how the sticky-side and unsticky-side are applied to the ear, and around the neck.

This is how to expel a cuterebra or wolf-worm from under the skin of the dog if you have the nerve.

This is how to sock a forepaw over a plastic bag to hold medications on the foot and not lose moist dressings and meds to the sock.

This is how you can give medicine to the worst dogs in the world. Grinding up the pill, mix in gravy, put a muzzle on the dog, pipette the liquid through the muzzle into the mouth.

This is how you put a sock on the front leg / foot of a dog.

This is another view of how you put a sock on a foreleg showing how you go BEHIND the arm when you tie it off.

Nail Trims for Puppies and their pointy little nails.

Some of the concepts and "parts" of giving fluids under the skin.

Other concepts and things related to giving fluids under the skin.

To crush some pills you can put them in a plastic baggie and crush them with a hammer. Needs to be a thick baggie though.

How to give an insulin shot illustrated

Socking the hind leg / foot of a dog illustrated

How to wrap a dog's neck in a towel to function as a 'cone' or protect a neck lesion.

Socking a foreleg of a dog with a cling-wrap bandage protecting a wound on the leg. The press-n-seal wrap keeps wet dressings on the wound and NOT in the sock and fur.

Socking the foreleg of the dog

Putting eye medicine (ointments) into your dog or cat's eye.

How To Trim a Toenail in a dog and some Physiology. By-and-large the blood vessel is straight. It doesn't curve into the long part of the nail.

Brushing dog's teeth is easier than you think. It's really mostly "gum massage" and removing slime.

Husbandry or Equipment

This is the kind of cage muzzle you can use longer term than other muzzles because a dog can drink, and vomit in a mask like this and UNlike the nylon sleeve muzzles which would be hazardous for more than a few minutes.

The BEST kind of brushes to scrub a dog's skin with but will also brush out the coat when dry. (Another illustration of same)

Cetaphil Wipes are the best things ever.

The kind of bowl that makes dogs and cats eat slower.

The best brush to scrub your dog.

The Kind of Ascorbic Acid / Vitamin C I Prefer

Infectious Diseases (Bugs & Worms)

FLEAS: All About 'em (Illustrated)

Non-Dog or Cat Animal Stuff

This is a drawing of a rat-trap / chipmunk trap that works REALLY well. And the chipmunks drown so it's sad though.

This is exactly how to set up a water turtle as a pet. Drawn for a client.

Almost instant control of tank haze with sponge filtration and flocculant agent.


This is a great treat for dogs made of canned pumpkin with a blueberry center and frozen.

Feeding Dogs: How To Feed Any Dog, Really. What and How Much

Why is Feeding DRY food DRY so important? (Illustrated)

What Are the Correct Low Carb Veggies For Feeding Dogs? Illustrated

"Dry Food Served Dry" is the mantra of feeding dogs.

Making Brocolli into a delicious desirable chewy treat with salt and your freezer.

How to mix 100% Canned Pumpkin in Your Dog's Food. Shows how much is 'too much' and what's "just right".

Very Low Carb Home Cooking Diet Complete

Feeding Dogs: Dry, Veggies, Egg, How Much and More (Illustrated)

Home Made kidney-renal sparing diet like Hill's KD  - instead of heavier proteins, using milk and egg protein as they are larger and easier on the kidney. Amounts are not given but 'ratios' are.

Oncology Lumps, Bumps & Cancer

NEW: Lipomas Don't Matter Until They Do This

Lipomas, "fatty lumps" What they are and how they are

Opthalmology Eyes

Corneal Ulcers: Fully Explained by Severity and Concern (Illustrated)

This closure for a V-plasty of the eyelid includes only ONE knot and is thrown in 3-0 vicryl.

Putting eye medicine (ointments) into your dog or cat's eye.

Entropion or inverted eyelid illustrated.

This is a side view of the closure for a V-plasty that emphasizes that the sutures are NOT full thickness so as not to lacerate the cornea.

Urology Urinary Tract

Vet Technique / Op-Eds / Concept

NEW: Did You Know Researchers CANNOT Grow 99% of Known Germs?

What is a "V-Plasty" and how is it closed? (It's an eyelid surgery.)

What You Need to Know About Antibiotics (Illustrated)

How a "V-Plasty" is better than snipping a cyst off.

What is a 'stented' horizontal mattress suture? What are those little red rubber reinforcements?

Nineteen Phrases I Say Every. Single. Day.

Dog Breeds A Family Could Probably Do Without - Because Of Some Biting, Hyper-Vigilance and Fear-Aggressive Behaviors Your Extended-Family, Roommates and Neighbors Will Hate. (I Know Individual Exceptions to the Generalizations Being Made for All Breeds Listed)

Dog Breeds That Are Great for the Average Family and Breeds You'll Be "Preparing Your Guests For" Forever.

Best Brush Ever

This is the best brush on the planet. This is the one I use on Ajax and I *did* used to use a Furminator - used to recommend that but for Ajax, it kinda grated on his elbows and knees. This is smoother and it CLEANS itself with the push of the button on the back the tines retract and then you just remove the mat of hair. They're cheaper than you'd think, too!

Amazon has them click here.

Similasan (Where to Buy)

I've recommended Similasan Allergy Eye since I heard about it from a colleague more than ten years ago. It "can't hurt" an ulcer but it can really soothe conjunctivitis. Is it "as good as real medicine"? Rarely. But it helps a TON. Any pet-parent first aid kit... Similasan Allergy Eye.

When you cant't use a steroid on a corneal ulcer - this is what you include in treatment plans to diminish redness and inflammation without vasoconstrictors.

Something else I found for my dog "Ajax" that's cool:

Sporn Dog Halter STOPS "pulling and tugging" NOW. (Link)

This is what I use now, with my dog Ajax. I used to use the Gentle Leader, but I didn't like including his face in the thing. Now, this just goes around his chest and he DOES NOT PULL ANY MORE. It's great! Amazon.com has it.

You can buy a fat bundle of 'wet wipes' with Cetaphil and I'd recommend it. They're great for cleaning healing wounds, dirty ears, cleansing around some eyes, under-tails, surgery sites, sores.

They are ALSO available right down the street at just about any store that sells makeup or cotton balls. So good.

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