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Koi Health & Disease: Everything You Need To Know 2nd Edition
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NOTE: The "Sporn Halter" I'm always talking about....(Link)

NOTE: Do not give PORK bones. Please.

NOTE: Your dog WILL NOT STARVE when you feed dry dog food offered dry.

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"Downloads" refers to helpful PDF files that contain information relevant to your case.

None of these resources are intended to advise or shape the treatment plan of any individual or individuals who are NOT 'face-to-face' customers of Dr Erik Johnson's because THAT would be stupid. If he's not your Vet then you can't call for clarification or even know whether the information APPLIES to your pet. You could be treating heart failure with Robitussin and then wouldn't YOU feel like an ass?

Most of these were written by me. The ones that were NOT written by me contain their author, source, original publication date etc.

Feeding: How to Feed a Smaller Dog For Weight Loss Chart

Feeding: How Exactly to Feed a Cat For Weight Loss Chart

Nutrition: 10 Myths about home cooking your dogs diet.

Technology: Anal Gland Expression for the Do It Yourselfer

Microbiology: Why I Might Avoid Using Antibiotics in Your Dog or Cat

Physiology: Saddle Thrombus in Cats

Allergy Immunology: A Definitive Article on ATOPY and Atopic Allergy (3 pages)

Pharmacology: Hydrocodone Dosing Chart Canine

Technology: How Bandages Can Help *AND* Hurt Your Pet

Physiology: Blood Pressure in Dogs and Cats: Comprehensive 18 pages

Toxicology: What You Need to Know About Bromethalin Rat Poison

Dermatology: What is Pemphigus? Pemphigus Foliaceus?

Infectious Disease: What You Should Know About Canine Influenza

Dermatology: Zinc Can Help Dermatitis / Atopic And Other Itching Cases

Alt Med: Two Pages on Cannabis Therapy for Dogs and Cats

Nutrition: Definitive Article on Cat Nutrition

Alt Med: CBD Information in ONE PAGE for dogs and cats

Alt Med: Dosing CBD The Right Way (Charts by Weight)

Alt Med: CBD in a Nutshell detailed summary 2019

Alt Med: CBD Oil Making Sense of all the Hype

Raw Diet: A Raw Diet Carefully Balanced with Beef Heart and Chicken

Raw Diet: Chicken based spreadsheet

Raw Diet: Ground Chuck and Chicken Spreadsheet

Raw Diet: Flank Steak and Chicken Spreadsheet

Raw Diet: Boston Butt Nutritional Analysis Spreadsheet

Raw Diet: Chuck Roast and Chicken Spreadsheet

Raw Diet: Dogs Naturally Raw Diet Feeding

Toxicology: Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs

Dermatology: Conditioner Spray You Make At Home

Ophthalmology: Corneal Ulcers

Dentistry: Dental Exercise on One Page

Endocrinology: DHEA Report with Clinical Experiences

Endocrinology: DHEA Detailed "What is DHEA?"

Urology: Canine Incontinence and Treatments

Gastroenterology: Curbing Diarrhea in Dogs and Cats I

Gastroenterology: Curbing Diarrhea in Dogs and Cats II

Nutrition: Eggshell calcium in the treatment of osteoporosis

Neurology: Epilepsy in Dogs This is my client-primer on "How It's Done" with experience.

Technology: Epsom Salts and Soaks; soaking an appendage.

Endocrinology: Spayed Dogs Get Fat and Have Orthopedic Issues

Nutrition: Grain Free Diets and Dilative Cardiomyopathy FDA report

Nutrition: Flintstones Vitamins for Dogs

Allergy Immunology: Finding IGG Antibody in Blood: Is that really Allergy?

Technology: How to Sock a Dog's Foreleg

Nutrition: "Getting a Dog To Eat" and Obesity

Technology: Giving an Insulin Injection For Cats or Dogs

Alt Med: "High Time for Cannabis Research" by AAHA Marketing

Alt Med: Yunan Baiyo Jodie Gruenstern

Nutritioni: Costco Kirkland Healthy Weight Dog Food Is Recommended

Infectious Disease: Lyme Disease in Cats

Toxicology: Is Nutella Toxic to Dogs?

Technology: Treatment Advances: Tracheo-Bronchial Diseases

Husbandry: Orphaned Baby Bunnies Wild and Domestic "How To"

Toxicology: Selenium Toxicosis in Dogs

Technology: Pacemakers for Dogs?

Gerontology: The Tiering of Arthritis Discomfort over Time in Dogs

Cardiology: Positive Inotropes for dogs and cats

Raw Diet: My Research from 2019

Toxicology: Selenium in Dogs I

Toxicology: Selenium in Dogs II

Society: The Craziness (And the Laws) Around Service Animals

Society: The Craziness and Laws Around Service Animals Airlines Edition

Alt Med: DHEA Debate Exhaustive Page One, Page Two, Page Three, Page Four, Page Five

Alt Med: The Science of CBD in Companion Animals (Leafly)

Dermatology: The Diagnostic and Therapeutic Spectrum of Dermatology in Chronic Skin Cases.

Dermatology: Treatment of Nine Cases of Pemphigus

Technology: How To Understand Bloodwork for Laypersons

Urology: The Drugs for Incontinence

Urology: Urinary Incontinence from a Veterinary College Perspective

Urology: Urinary Incontinence Overview for Clients

Alt Med: Urso or Ursodehydrocholic Acid for Liver Conditions

Nutrition: Weight Loss In Cats (Has to be gradual)

Your New Fish: Document on How To Acclimate a New Fish

Anal Glands: How To Express Them Yourself Illustrated

Feeding Cats and Exhaustive Documents on Cat Nutrition

Dermatology: Making Pantene Spray to Moisturize a Dog's Coat

Technology: Epsom Salts and Soaks "How To".

Technology: "How To Sock the Foreleg of a Dog or Cat" (Illustrated)

Infectious Disease: Can Cats Get Lyme Disease?

Cardiology: Pacemakers for Dogs

Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Litter Box Large (Not electric - Not $499 either. LOL)

There's another one of these that sometimes opens when you roll it. Oops! But this one is upgraded with thicker material and better clips. You just roll it and it cleans itself into a scoop inside. PATENTED SELF CLEANING SIFTING GRATE Separates waste from clean litter. It uses clumping litter. It's super-highly reviewed on Amazon. (Buy One Here for under $80)

Best Brush Ever

This is the best brush on the planet. This is the one I use on Ajax and I *did* used to use a Furminator - used to recommend that but for Ajax, it kinda grated on his elbows and knees. This is smoother and it CLEANS itself with the push of the button on the back the tines retract and then you just remove the mat of hair. They're cheaper than you'd think, too!

Amazon has them click here.

Similasan (Where to Buy)

I've recommended Similasan Allergy Eye since I heard about it from a colleague more than ten years ago. It "can't hurt" an ulcer but it can really soothe conjunctivitis. Is it "as good as real medicine"? Rarely. But it helps a TON. Any pet-parent first aid kit... Similasan Allergy Eye.

When you cant't use a steroid on a corneal ulcer - this is what you include in treatment plans to diminish redness and inflammation without vasoconstrictors.

Something else I found for my dog "Ajax" that's cool:

Sporn Dog Halter STOPS "pulling and tugging" NOW. (Link)

This is what I use now, with my dog Ajax. I used to use the Gentle Leader, but I didn't like including his face in the thing. Now, this just goes around his chest and he DOES NOT PULL ANY MORE. It's great! Amazon.com has it.

BABYLTRL Dog Cone Collar for After Surgery, Soft Pet Recovery Collar for Dogs and Cats, Adjustable Cone Collar Protective Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs Wound Healing

Anymore these days companies are NOT making cones that are long enough to protect feet, OR stop head shaking. You really just need a cone. And this is the most important part - YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO FIX IT TO THE COLLAR because NO CONE is tight enough to resist a back foot pushing on it. And they'll do it! (Buy The Right One on Amazon)