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Water test kits - which one of the three that are discussed, is right for you. Oh sure, the pundits will argue about this, but you'll get the jist.
New! There is a FAQ's page where ten or twelve of the top "My Fish Has A Lump/Spot/Sore etc." type questions are answered. Check it out.
GILL DISEASE a recent consultation. This gentleman found a dead fish with classic gill disease but there was ONE thing he had not yet done....

HELP! Sick Fish!
Twenty Steps to fish health. You LITERALLY can solve almost any Koi or Pond health outbreak with these twenty diagnostic steps and nothing's hard. But it's not "here's your pill" either. Downloads are available.
More than koi health, this site spans all things animal, by a real veterinarian who shoots you straight.

By Frank Prince-Iles. A UK authority who put this site together some time ago and which is still relied upon as a major source of good Koi and pond fish information

If you need pet information AND Koi pondfish and pond information you might like DrJohnson.com which has everything from pet info, to vet info, to koi and pond fish. It has it ALL! Pet Information.

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