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TRIAD was great! What Now?


What do we do, going into the future?

Methocarbamol *usually* helps a LOT. If successfully employed against hip disease, their pectineals are relaxed. It relieves muscle spasm in their back. And so this medicine is important.

Gabapentin is for places bones grind a little bit. And it downtunes (modulates the sensation of) pain. So if you're in pain from damaged nerve endings, (not really cellulitis, swelling or headaches) this COULD be important.

Deramax is an anti-inflammatory - it reduces the whole "cause" of the situation becase the 'arthritis' inflammation is the 'thing.' - Deramax or similar ALSO slow down the progression of arthritis. It reduces (usually) the amount of medicine the pets have to take WITH it. Prednisone can be substituted as things get more dire, later on.

You could:
Give Methocarbamol and Deramax and drop the Gabapentin.
Give Deramax every day, Gabapentin at bedtime, and Methocarbamol in the morning.
Give the full 'three meds' triad every OTHER day.
Drop each medicine in sequence to see *when* her performance slips. This will determine 'almost exactly' what's making her do the best.

Once upon a time Cosequin and Dasequin controlled the glucosamine / arthritis supplement market and then Phycox came along, DESTROYING their product with superior formulation. At a better price.

I examine dogs a year after taking this product and write to the owners "What happened? The hips are so much more limber? Did you start running with the dog?" And the owners say "It's that stuff you put him on."

Accept no substitutes. Phycox is the bomb.

Phycox on Amazon
The phycox to get

Something else I found for my dog "Ajax" that's cool:

Sporn Dog Halter STOPS "pulling and tugging" NOW. (Link)

This is what I use now, with my dog Ajax. I used to use the Gentle Leader, but I didn't like including his face in the thing. Now, this just goes around his chest and he DOES NOT PULL ANY MORE. It's great! Amazon.com has it.

You can buy a fat bundle of 'wet wipes' with Cetaphil and I'd recommend it. They're great for cleaning healing wounds, dirty ears, cleansing around some eyes, under-tails, surgery sites, sores.

They are ALSO available right down the street at just about any store that sells makeup or cotton balls. So good.

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