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NOTE: Your dog WILL NOT STARVE when you feed dry dog food offered dry.

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The Thousand Dollar Answer

An owner naturally wants to know why their dog is having trouble breathing. In corporate veterinary medicine there's a twenty-one-thousand-dollar answer to that question. By the time the neurology consult, urinalysis, CT scan and MRI plus myelogram are done - chest Xrays, transtracehal wash and culture with cytology are done - you're in twenty one thousand dollars and guess what.

There were only TWO treatable conditions to begin with. So, that whole search was looking for things you COULD NOT TREAT TO BEGIN WITH.

And BOTH could have been treated safely and the diagnosis of "not cancer" or "not heartworms" among other possibilities could have saved you twenty thousand five hundred and sixty dollars.

There's a "thousand dollar answer" to a lot of pointless questions in Vet Medicine. We'll treat the treatables - and ignore the untreatables. Failure to respond to any therapy for the TREATABLE possibilities will leave us with a 'low cost' "diagnosis-by-exclusion" that it's one of the UN-treatables, for example; cancer or a spinal lesion, a surgical problem or intractable mental/brain issues. There are answers to the exact type, cause and prognosis of this situation, ranging from Xrays to Ultrasound/echo (to diagnose treatable conditions) and MRI and CATscans to diagnose UN-treatable conditions. The reward to those diagnostics might be pointless. VERY often you can bypass diagnostics with the Therapeutic-Diagnosis Method.

Best. Brush. Ever.
I use this brush on Ajax because it picks up great, and it unloads the hair with the push of a button. Cheap, too.

Similasan (Where to Buy)

I've recommended Similasan Allergy Eye since I heard about it from a colleague more than ten years ago. It "can't hurt" an ulcer but it can really soothe conjunctivitis. Is it "as good as real medicine"? Rarely. But it helps a TON. Any pet-parent first aid kit... Similasan Allergy Eye.

When you cant't use a steroid on a corneal ulcer - this is what you include in treatment plans to diminish redness and inflammation without vasoconstrictors.

Something else I found for my dog "Ajax" that's cool:

Sporn Dog Halter STOPS "pulling and tugging" NOW. (Link)

This is what I use now, with my dog Ajax. I used to use the Gentle Leader, but I didn't like including his face in the thing. Now, this just goes around his chest and he DOES NOT PULL ANY MORE. It's great! Amazon.com has it.

You can buy a fat bundle of 'wet wipes' with Cetaphil and I'd recommend it. They're great for cleaning healing wounds, dirty ears, cleansing around some eyes, under-tails, surgery sites, sores.

They are ALSO available right down the street at just about any store that sells makeup or cotton balls. So good.

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