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"Meibomian Gland Cyst"


Meibomian glands are little oil-producing glands all-along the edge of the eyelid.
Yeah, your actual eyeball is covered with water and then a very thin layer of oil reduces evaporation.
Sometimes one of those stupid glands grows 'inside out' and it's FINE. But you can see 'em.
But then they get stupidder and grow BIG and then they push / rub on the eyeball - and the dog has discomfort.
They can also jack up the ability of the eye to 'squeegie' itself and then pollen and stuff can get ON the eyeball and NOT be squeegied off with a well-fitting lid.
Sometimes a dog will rub the eye and THAT can do even more damage than the stupid oil gland itself!
So, somtimes we have to remove a gland.
It's called a "V-Plasty" and if you call around it's VERY expensive. That's because it makes a lot of vets nervous and some of us won't even TRY it.
When I was a kid fresh out of school I didn't know to be scared of them so now, they're like walking a tight rope like an idiot who isn't worried about falling.
I do those very well. And they're not-that-bad expense-wise. You could get a quote from Heather.
770 977 5377 'Heather' for quote.
Sometimes in the meantime we use an oily ointment to soothe the eye and replace the missing squeeginess, and oil from the eye.
Doc Johnson

BABYLTRL Dog Cone Collar for After Surgery, Soft Pet Recovery Collar for Dogs and Cats, Adjustable Cone Collar Protective Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs Wound Healing

Anymore these days companies are NOT making cones that are long enough to protect feet, OR stop head shaking. You really just need a cone. And this is the most important part - YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO FIX IT TO THE COLLAR because NO CONE is tight enough to resist a back foot pushing on it. And they'll do it! (Buy The Right One on Amazon)

Something else I found for my dog "Ajax" that's cool:
The best dental exercise.
Single Knucklebones are good when you don't know if the dog is gonna want to chew one. I buy several knucklebones at a time and it's a little cheaper most of the time.

The Art of Raising a Puppy (Revised Edition) Hardcover

I've been a hard core endorser of the ORIGINAL book from like, 20 years ago. But recent reviewers call this book "The Best of the Best" on Amazon so I have to defer. And these Monks, they train German Shepherds which are the hardest to bring to heel.

Voted the BEST Dog Training Book

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