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Inter Vertebral Disc Pain

You can suspect disc disease and pain, when you find:

Hyper-aesthesia --> and panniculus response RIGHT at the TL junction.
When you find those things, they've got some discomfort in the back.
That's PROBABLY a worn-out disc.
It has to be hereditary / degenerative if a dog is NOT fat and NOT a dachshund.
Management Options:
1. You can limit exercise and confine him.
2. You can REDUCE 'blatant' jumping and rough housing
3. You can do NOTHING about his activity

And it's just as likely to pop. I like option 2 above.

You can medicate with all, two or just one of the TRIAD

The best one, reduces the RATE at which this gets 'worse' = DERAMAX
Daily with food or even every OTHER day with food.
Then use the Gabapentin and Methocarbamol for his 'worse days'.

IF the disc full-on pops, he will need surgery coz he won't be able to use his hind legs.

Doc Johnson

If a dog suffers severe damage to the spinal cord due to a ruptured or herniated disc, they may love getting around in a cart that supports them and allows them to continue to be mobile. Even if it's just for a little while as they recover, or recover from surgery. Dog mobility paresis carts.

Something else I found for my dog "Ajax" that's cool:

Sporn Dog Halter STOPS "pulling and tugging" NOW. (Link)

This is what I use now, with my dog Ajax. I used to use the Gentle Leader, but I didn't like including his face in the thing. Now, this just goes around his chest and he DOES NOT PULL ANY MORE. It's great! Amazon.com has it.

You can buy a fat bundle of 'wet wipes' with Cetaphil and I'd recommend it. They're great for cleaning healing wounds, dirty ears, cleansing around some eyes, under-tails, surgery sites, sores.

They are ALSO available right down the street at just about any store that sells makeup or cotton balls. So good.

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