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NOTE: The "Sporn Halter" I'm always talking about....(Link)

NOTE: Do not give PORK bones. Please.

NOTE: Your dog WILL NOT STARVE when you feed dry dog food offered dry.

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Home Cooking: Eggs and Veggies

HANDS-DOWN the best cooked food for dogs:

It's all about simple, high quality, kidney-friendly low fat protein sources, tocopherols from the eggs, and low carb vegetables. It's easy but far from simple.

Feed 1 boiled / scrambled egg per 20 pounds, and a bag of frozen stirfry veggies for breakfast
Feed 1 boiled / scrambled egg per 20 pounds, and a bag of Normandy mix in the evening.
IF you want to boost or balance the proteins, the OTHER great protein is WHEY protein.
You can get it online or at GNC body building stores.
You want 100% WHEY protein without anything added. No flavors, no carbs, no 'creatine' no nothing.
And you'd just mix "some" into the egg-and-veggies mix. Don't go crazy. You don't have to and there ARE calories in it.

Add a Flintstone or similar (kid or pet) multivitamin #flintstones

Give 1/4 to 1/2 an egg shell (yeah straight up or crushed) in or on the food per day. It's the best source of calcium.
Consider Vitamin C (see drjohnson.com) for article on giving Vitamin C. There's no citrus in the diet.
You can put a probiotic in this mix but it's not necessary.
Soluble fiber can be added by "tinting" the veggie mix with 100% pure canned pumpkin. They don't mind it.
The mix should not BE orange but can be "orange-tinted" for better stool quality and overall superior performance.

The vegetables for the dog are:
Asian Stirfry mix
Mediterranean Mix
Italian Mix
Normandy Mix
All of the above LACK: Potato, peas, limas, beans and other 'carby' vegetables.

They can be steamed, served at room temperature or even given piece by piece, frozen as a treat.

I don't recommend adding the vegetables to the dry food. Because they might cause the dog to eat more dry food than they NEED.

Illustrated Explainer

About Pumpkin

Vitamin C

Flintstones "Complete" have Vitamin C -> AND Iron at 18mg a tablet.
Read labels but last I saw it was the purple bottle with orange label.
Flintstones Complete.
Give 1/4 tablet per day for dogs under 10 pounds.
Give 1/2 tablet DAILY for dogs up to 30 pounds.
Dogs over 30 pounds can have 1 per day.
Dogs over 100 pounds don't really need two of them but knock yourself out. Heh heh.
Doc Johnson

The best dental exercise.
Single Knucklebones are good when you don't know if the dog is gonna want to chew one. I buy several knucklebones at a time and it's a little cheaper most of the time.
Something else I found for my dog "Ajax" that's cool:

Sporn Dog Halter STOPS "pulling and tugging" NOW. (Link)

This is what I use now, with my dog Ajax. I used to use the Gentle Leader, but I didn't like including his face in the thing. Now, this just goes around his chest and he DOES NOT PULL ANY MORE. It's great! Amazon.com has it.

You can buy a fat bundle of 'wet wipes' with Cetaphil and I'd recommend it. They're great for cleaning healing wounds, dirty ears, cleansing around some eyes, under-tails, surgery sites, sores.

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