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Medications for Koi & Goldfish Pondfish Diseases

BE CAREFUL!!!!!Using Salt Against Ciliates
Ciliated protozoans like Ich, Chilodonella, Costia, Trichodina and the like, is usually very effective. Ich takes longer to clear. Chilodonella has shown no resistance, so it's different for each parasite, but how do you actually USE Salt?

Formalin I
Formalin is an awesome medicine and I mean that literally. A water treatment whose functions and abilities are filling me with awe, but whose ability to kill fish are also able to fill you with awe and dismay.

Baytril Injectible
My favorite injection for bacterially infected koi. Stable, safe, okay for you, effective and relatively inexpensive. Also, as a veterinary, fairly easy to get.

What I think is funny is a branded form of this is imported from England and costs twenty times as much. Just get regular Chloramine T from a US meds supplier.

Dimilin and It's Many Forms
For anchorworm and fish lice, Dimilin is the runaway best. Never consider organophosphates again. The long and skinny on the drug.

Praziquantel for Flukes
Prior to praziquantel flukes were a tough thing to clear. Lots of toxic chemicals etc. Now, Flukes are what we would call a "piece of cake."

Medicated Food For Bacterial Infections
Someone REALLY needs to experiment with a pineapple flavored one, since that's a Kois FAVORITE flavor. Medicated food has antibiotics in it, if the fish will eat, this is a boon!

SupaVerm (Sheep dewormer) For Flukes (Amazing)
Supaverm is imported from England and used to control and eradicate Flukes from Koi ponds. Works amazingly well. ONE drawback is that it kills 100% of the goldfish in the pond, too. Or wait; IS that a drawback if you want 100% of the goldfish gone? hehe.

Tricide Neo for Bacterial Sores
You can use it as a bath, a plastic baggie-ride, or even a spray on. I like the spray-on usage in a pastic bag or even in a Koi Sock. This stuff is plain old AMAZING on sores.

Program / Lufenuron In a Pinch
Almost exactly the same as Dimilin, Lufenuron works great in a pinch without the economical good sense, but it DOES work, well and safely. For Fish Lice and Anchor Worms.

Potassium Permanganate I
Basics, but still no substitute for reading even MORE about KMnO4 before ever using it.

Potassium Permanganate II
How to use this water treatment against ciliates, such as Costia.

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
As a medication? Well, it has a lot of uses, from clearing haze, to deactivating Potassium permanganate, to increasing oxygenation.

Hydrogen Peroxide for KMnO4 Deactivation
To stop, decolorize and reverse Potassium Permanganate treatments, sometimes for days, use Hydrogen peroxide thusly...NEVER attempt to over-take hydrogen peroxide with MORE potassium. Your fish would die.

Oil of Cloves
Isn't a medicine per se but is included here because it appears on a lot of "available medications" lists. It's for anesthetizing Koi and goldfish for very brief procedures like pulling off a big dead scale or trimming away some dead tissue.

Levamisole as a Koi and Pond Fish Dewormer
It will not, at ANY dose, kill flukes...I tried it. But it deworms Koi very well and very safely.

For Treatment of Lymphocystis and Possibly Costia?

Injections Basics
Below, you see all this stuff on injections....How do you do them and when and why?

Rocephin Injectible
Let's say your bacterial cultures come back saying your fishes' bacteria is vulnerable to Rocephin. You will be glad to have this article at your fingertips.

Amikacin Injectible
Not a favorite, but still worth knowing about. Dosing should be sparing as the drug can cause losses if over done, or done to frequently.

Formalin II
This is a helpful article on the use of Formalin in aquaria and tanks. Yes, you do it differently in small systems because your room for error and the in-close damage that can be caused is a little more likely.

Formalin III
When Formalin goes bad, it really goes bad.....What causes it to go bad, time? And what can you do when it does?

Azactam Injectable
Spotty availability, it might even be off the market now. But when it was, it was in the top three mighty weapons against bacterial infections.

Nuflor Injectable
Still available and still kicking bacterial butt. A close relative to Chloramphenicol, this thisamphenicol drug is oil based for slow release. Not without complications.

MelaFix / Melaleuca Oil For Infections
Impressive, yes. Miracle, no. Essential, no. Helpful accelerator, yes. Successful by itself? Not usually. Neato water additive that DOES make a positive difference.

Ugghhhh Like Fluke Tabs I will include it in the discussion but I don't recommend it unless you have to use it. Like; in really big ponds....Then it rocks...

Rotenone for Depopulation of Lakes and large ponds
Every once in a while someone might want to destroy all the catfish and bream in a pond so they could put nothing but Koi in it. This is the purpose of putting this article in Koivet

Fluke Tabs for Fluke Control
Yeah I'll include it but I don't use or recommend them.

HELP! Sick Fish!
Twenty Steps to fish health. You LITERALLY can solve almost any Koi or Pond health outbreak with these twenty diagnostic steps and nothing's hard. But it's not "here's your pill" either. Downloads are available.
More than koi health, this site spans all things animal, by a real veterinarian who shoots you straight.

By Frank Prince-Iles. A UK authority who put this site together some time ago and which is still relied upon as a major source of good Koi and pond fish information

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